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More so, middle density recycling foam scrap compressed in bulks. All the foam scrap is from furniture factory such as cushion production factory, Mattress production factory, sofa, chair, stool production factory. AA grade foam is mainly used to make rebond foams , it is the raw materails of mattress , sofa , insoles, sports padding, carpet padding, carpet underlay,pillow fillings, toy fillings and so on . Meanwhile our high R rigid/ fireproof rate PU Foam Scrap are widely applied in medical facilities, high-end furniture & massage, equipment, car seat cushion etc. If you are interested in using scrap foam, be sure to work with a trusted supplier of polyurethane foam scrap.

On, you can find the prices for foam that match the price and size of your product. We source material from various industries around the world acquired from but not limited to; furniture, bedding, automotive, packaging and clothing. Create professional content with Canva, including presentations, catalogs, and more.

[K-SCIENCE] Polyurethane Recycling Technology / YTN KOREANWe offer PU foam scrap for sale and our service and pricing stand out among the buyers. B2B Furniture Marketplace-We have furniture and home decor sellers from across the globe listed with us. On our B2B furniture marketplace, our broad buyer base has access to exporters and manufacturers who have years of expertise in this industry.

The requirement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is burgeoning. PPE provided by the suppliers on our platform are at par with industry standards and have decent prices. The pu-foam-scrap import market includes more than just pu-foam-scrap.

Our customized dashboard save your precious time by populating desired query in fraction of seconds.You can save your query, Download the results and perform analysis at same place in no time. Comprehensive information on assorted products & buyer’s needs. Mixed PU foam Scrap / Postconsumer shall consist of assorted scrap Polyurethane Foam. Foam scrap is a great product to stock up on for your customers.

PU Foam Granules shall consist of uniform clean polyurethane foam that has been sized to minus 1/4 inch. Baled Preconsumer PU / Prime Scrap shall consist of clean, sorted preconsumer Polyurethane Foam that has been compressed into uniform material in handleable bales. Our key strength lies in advanced recycling programs, understanding the needs of our esteemed clients, and high-quality foam scrap. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships, integrity, and timely delivery to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

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